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How to join the 7% who will keep their 2024 resolutions | 3 calendar methods

This will determine whether you join the 7% who ACTUALLY follow through on their 2024 goals (spoiler: it’s not your willpower)

👉 How much effort it takes to prioritize your next task.

The more it takes to start working on your goal, the less likely it’ll get done.

The best tool to reduce this prioritizing overhead is your calendar, because it forces you to scope each task according to your availability. By facing the reality of your time constraints before working on your task, you remove the biggest barrier to getting started: overwhelm.

Here are 3 calendaring methods you can use to prioritize better.

left column has repeating events, middle has one repeat event, right has a list of priorities from ASAP to low

Method 1: Set it and forget it.

Create recurring events and follow them dutifully, adjusting only when something urgent comes up. The more recurrences, the easier it is to say no to distractions. But beware: adapting your schedule as priorities change also becomes more cumbersome if you overuse this method.

Method 2: Readjust in batch

Create a weekly recurring event to adjust your schedule based on new priorities. Rather than completing individual tasks, use this time to clarify whether each is still relevant.  Then time block each of the week’s tasks. Reserving time for planning neutralizes the dangers of the first method by ensuring your small actions are always congruent with your big goals.

Method 3: Readjust constantly.

AI schedulers like Reclaim and Motion prompt you to label each task’s priority. They then look at your schedule and find the optimal time for the task, rearranging others as needed. These apps will save you lots of clicks and pondering, but they’ll still require some setup, maintenance, and $


Find the right trade off between planning and acting based on your tendencies. If you’re prone to procrasti-planning: focus on setting up something quick and iterating (#1 or #3). If you’re more likely to bury your head in the sand without ever reassessing priorities, focus on making time for big-picture planning (#2)

Turning into the type of person who follows through on their promises is really hard, but your calendar can make it a little easier by helping you reconcile your available time with your desired outcome.

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1 Comment

Tyler Dane
Tyler Dane
Dec 31, 2023

How are you going to stay consistent in 2024?

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