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The weekly planner 
for minimalists

Get more done with less stress in 3 steps


Making changes in Compass is smooooth


You'll never stress when plans change

Drag and Drop.png

Drag tasks onto the calendar

1 click to reschedule


Recurring tasks automatically added to future weeks.

Nothing falls through the cracks.


Always in-sync

Compass keeps events in-sync with GCal, so your schedule will always be up-to-date.

Compass syncs with your GCal

More ways Compass helps minimalists be productive

Hide times if they don't matter

Less clutter, more focus

Shortcuts everywhere

you get a shortcut, you get a shortcut

Visualize your priorities

using simple tags

Get started in seconds

Sign up with your Google account to start getting organized 

  • Why not just stick with my Google Calendar?
    Compass provides a structure for organizing your time: capture everything you’d like to do, look at how much time you actually have, assign tasks to those open slots, make peace with leaving some tasks behind. Deciding what gets prioritized creates the story of your life. Compass helps you write a story that you’re proud of. Also, Google Calendar is ugly.
  • Is there a mobile app?
    Bad news: No. Good news: The changes you make in Compass sync with your Google Calendar, so you can use the GCal mobile app when you're on-the-go.
  • This seems very similar to bullet journaling.
    That's not a question. But yes, Compass is heavily inspired by Bullet Journaling, and was designed to compliment the practice. But it's not just for BuJo-ers. Compass is for anyone who wants to stay on top of things, but doesn't want the overwhelm that comes with complicated apps. If you're the kind of person who appreciates simple yet powerful tools, you'll love Compass.
  • How much does it cost?
    Compass is free! I planned to do the whole "raise seed funding, assemble a team, grow user base, then start charging" thing. But I got too tired.
  • How do you use my Google Calendar data?
    After you grant Compass permission to access your Google Calendar, we import your recent GCal events to Compass. This makes getting started with Compass easy, because you won't have to start from scratch. We also keep your events in GCal in-sync with those in Compass. That way, you can make changes in either GCal or Compass and know that the other calendar will be updated. We will never sell or share your data with a third party for profit or comarketing purposes; that is not our current business model and never will be.


Each week can only have 9 tasks

After that, you’ll have to schedule or migrate tasks before adding new ones

Your To-Do list will never get out of control again.

Big List.png

... but not too smoooth


Annotated Layout.png

Prioritize tasks based on urgency

PS. It's open-source!

I open-sourced the app after 2+ years of development.

This means you can view the code, suggest changes, or reuse it in your own productivity app. 

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