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The calm calendar 
for minimalists

Compass makes updating your schedule a breeze


Capture To-Dos in the sidebar

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Drag tasks onto the calendar


Only see times when it actually matters. 

Get started in seconds

It only takes a few seconds to import your events from Google Calendar

Compass keeps events in-sync with GCal, so your schedule will always be up-to-date.

Compass syncs with your GCal

Get early access

The early access version of Compass is live! 

Enter your email to immediately receive the secret link and password 


Changed your mind?

Send it back to the sidebar


Didn’t get to that one thing?

Migrate it to next week’s list

Get organized,
not overwhelmed

Each week can only have 9 tasks

After that, you’ll have to schedule or migrate tasks before adding new ones

Your To-Do list will never get out of control again.

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