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Habits Without The Silly Rules

Have you ever thought, "I’d like to do X more often. I’ll make a recurring calendar event so I’ll always have time for it."?

But then your calendar forces you to assign X to an exact time (eg every Sunday from 2-4pm).

You think, "Hmm, it doesn’t have to be at 2pm on Sunday, but sure."

You know the time is arbitrary, so you ignore the notification on Sunday, thinking "I’ll do it later this evening".

But then something comes up and … you never do X.

If this sounds familiar, you’ll like the newest Compass feature, which lets you create recurring events without having to pre-define the time.

If you want to start doing yoga, create a “Signup for yoga class” event that repeats every week. Instead of the event showing up on your calendar, it’ll show up in the sidebar with your other weekly to-do items.

You get the best of both worlds — the accountability of recurring tasks AND the flexibility to decide when, exactly, to do them. This eliminates the arbitrary times problem, making it easier to schedule your tasks and actually follow through.

Just click 'Does not repeat' and select the frequency

Added to future week's task list

One more detail about these repeat events — they will stop repeating after 4 months. There are a few benefits of this approach:

  1. You’re encouraged to re-engage with your priorities & time, rather than running on autopilot indefinitely. (Cuz downward dogs might not be your thing forever).

  2. I can launch this simplified version of recurring events now rather than delaying 😇

PS I’m currently getting UX and coding help from tech bootcamp student volunteers. There’s plenty of work to go around, so let me know if you’d also enjoy working on Compass on the side.

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