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Minor fixes, major purpose

Although the last few weeks have been more focused on getting feedback than making big code changes, there have been a few noteworthy tweaks:

🔁 Creating repeat events was made easier & more reliable (AKA: I fixed some bugs. Thanks to those who reported them).

🏁 Onboarding is more straightforward (AKA: I added more default data for first-time users).

🥚 I added a lil’ easter egg. Story below.

You might not be surprised to hear that the guy who built a calendar is fascinated (obsessed?) with time management. Whenever I ask myself why that’s the case, my answer always comes back to Derek.

Derek was and is my best friend. His unexpected death in 2014 forced me to face the reality that I, too, only have so much time left. And no matter how many productivity hacks I employ, I’ll still need to choose what things deserve my time and what don’t.

Derek faced this dilemma, too, as he summarized in his last Facebook post from Xmas Eve in 2013,

“I have such amazing friends and family and I wish I could slow down time just a little bit so I can take all these relationships in as much as possible. Time is the biggest enemy we all face.”

I’ve spent the last 9 years thinking about that quote, especially the last sentence. How can I make time an ally, rather than an enemy? I don’t have a pithy answer, but simply asking the question has helped.

August 14 would’ve been Derek’s 30th bday. To celebrate him and honor the lessons he taught me, I added a sneaky pop-up to Compass: Whenever anyone types CTRL+SHIFT+0 (zero), they’ll see Derek and his quote.

I always planned to dedicate my first book to Derek. But I haven’t published a book yet, so this’ll have to do for now.

Next Up

I’ll be hunting for more feedback over the next few weeks, as it’s become clear that I need to hone in on a singular problem and solve it well. Whether it’s scheduling meetings, prioritizing tasks, or something very different is TBD. If you’d like to help out, LMK by replying here so we can get a short meeting on the …. calendar 🙃

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