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New Feature, Same Job Hunt

Everyone always asks the same thing when they hear about Compass: "How's it different than Google Calendar?"

It's a good question, yet I haven't been able to give a satisfying answer up to this point, given how minimal that app has been.

My first attempt at distinguishing Compass is by making it less stressful to stay on top of things through gradual scheduling. Instead of maintaining a massive to-do list and trying (and failing) to do all the things, Compass nudges you to keep 3 lists: a weekly, a monthly, and a daily list (AKA a calendar). This forces you to face the reality of not having time for everything, which makes life more peaceful.

After a few weeks of sneaking in dev work between my job hunt and contracts, I quietly launched the month list. You can now see your monthly tasks, migrate them back and forward a month, and drag 'em onto the calendar. Here's what it'll look like if you go to and refresh:

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