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Staying focused & accountable

The last two weeks have been very productive, thanks to a few factors:

  1. (Finally) focusing on # of active users as my primary KPI. I've always tracked it of course, but hyper-focusing on how to increase that number has helped me prioritize more strategically

  2. (Finally) committing to a consistent launch cycle: 15th and 30/31st of every month. Whether it's a new feature, bug fix, or maintenance, knowing that something has to go into production at least twice a month is motivating.

  3. Getting turned down by the startup I was interviewing with and pausing my job search for dev roles. Prepping for those interviews and doing the take-homes was time and energy intensive, so it feels good to take a little break. I'm currently interviewing for marketing roles. They pay less (meaning less $ for dev contractors), but they're easier to interview prep for and still give me transferrable skills.

Next week's Compass update with be a feature that allows users to make repeat weekly/month events ... without having to specify the exact day. The events will simply show up in their sidebar lists during the relevant week, allowing them to keep up with their routines in a less rigid manner.

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