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Where I've Been, Where I'm Goin'

Here's a quick update on where I'm at and headed:

✅ 2022 Calendar Prototype

✅ 2022 Rewrite from scratch, beta launch

✅ 2023 Q2 Public launch

🔲 2023 Q4: Profitability

🔲 2024 Q1: Seed raise (friends & family / angel)

🔲 2024 Q2: Product-market-fit & scaling

I'm trying to get more stable dev work, so my last week was spent job interviewing. I plan to reinvest the extra money into a part-time developer for Compass that can keep things going during the day, while I chip away at it nights & weekends.

I have been sneaking in some dev time between interviews to work on a new feature: a monthly todo list for the sidebar. Below is a preview. More details on that in a future update.

Talk soon,


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